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St. Agatha School Closure Review

The following recommendations were approved by the Board of Trustees on March 27, 2017.

  1. THAT the Board of Trustees approves the closure of St. Agatha Catholic Elementary School (CES) and that the boundaries of Holy Rosary CES and St. Clement CES be modified in accordance with the preferred option, effective September 2017.
  1. THAT the Board of Trustees approves existing secondary students, within St. Agatha’s Catholic Elementary School (CES) boundary currently enrolled in Resurrection Catholic Secondary School (CSS), as well as grades 7 and 8 students currently enrolled in St. Agatha CES be grandparented to attend Resurrection CSS, with transportation.
  1. THAT the Board of Trustees approves secondary boundaries for St. David Catholic Secondary School (CSS) and Resurrection CSS be modified accordingly and applied effective September 2017.
  1. THAT the Board of Trustees approves and direct staff to continue to seek capital funding from the Ministry of Education to upgrade facility conditions, including accessibility requirements, for St. Clement Catholic Elementary School.

Decision Letter

Approved Boundary (Preferred Option)

Schools Involved:

  • St. Agatha
  • St. Clement
  • Holy Rosary

Goals of the St. Agatha School Closure Review:

  • Being faithful to the WCDSB strategic plan, ensure that decisions are evidence based and responsive.
  • Consolidate St. Agatha Catholic Elementary School into St. Clement and/or Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary Schools.
  • Determine attendance boundaries that best meet board-wide accommodation review goals and the priorities of the school communities.

Board Wide Accommodation Review Goals:
The following goals relate to every accommodation review, whether a boundary change or school closure and must be considered in the St. Agatha School Closure Review.

  • Provide the highest quality learning environment possible.
    • Consider program environments and how they support student achievement.
  • Ensure an efficient use of system resources by balancing enrollment and facilities.
    • Maximize the use of Board-owned facilities over the long term.
    • Minimize the use of non-permanent accommodation (portables) as a long-term strategy while recognizing that it may be a good short-term solution.
  • Provide a long-term (5 years +) accommodation solution.
  • Create boundaries that maximize the number of students that can walk to school.
    • Consider the Board’s existing transportation policy and how it may be impacted by or limit accommodation scenarios.
  • Provide logical attendance boundaries.
    • Follow logical divides such as major roads, physical barriers, etc.
    • Recognize existing neighbourhoods wherever possible.
  • Reduce operating costs (e.g. maintenance, operations, transportation, etc.)
  • Develop accommodation options with consideration for Ministry of Education capital funding formulas and the Board’s long term capital plan.


June 20, 2016 – Initial Staff Report

Appendix A – APF008 Pupil Accommodation Review Process

Appendix B-School Information Profiles

Appendix C – Terms of Reference

Policy Documents:

This accommodation review will follow the School Closure Review Process outlined in APF008. This accommodation review is subject to the Ministry of Education Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines outlined below in Appendices A to E:

Appendix A – Ministry of Education Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines

Appendix B – Generic Terms of Reference

Appendix C – Generic School Information Profile

Appendix D – Administrative Review of Accommodation Review Process

Appendix E – Transition Planning Framework

In 2016, The Ministry of Education released a Guide to Pupil Accomodation Reviews which can be found at this link.

Accommodation Review Committee (ARC):

The ARC is to act as the official conduit of information shared between the school board and the school communities. The ARC is made up of parent representatives, principals, WCDSB staff, Trustees, and community members.

The WCDSB will be seeking two parent representatives from each school under review to sit on the ARC committee. One representative will be selected by the school council chair or designate and one will be selected by the Principal of each school. Please see the Parent Representative information at the top of this website.

Has a decision already been made to close St. Agatha?
No. A decision has not been made to close St. Agatha, but on June 20, 2016 the Board of Trustees voted in favour of initiating the St. Agatha School Closure Review process.

Which school(s) may close?
Although no decision has been made to close St. Agatha, it is staff’s recommendation that St.Agatha should close. The final determination will be made through the School Closure Review Process. The following schools will not be considered for closure: Holy Rosary, and St. Clement.

Who makes the final decision?
Following the School Closure Review process, staff will submit a final report to the Board of Trustees.
This report will include an overview of the School Closure Review process and materials considered, the recommended option, and implementation recommendations.The final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees.

What happens once the School Closure Review is finished?
If the final decision by the Board of Trustees is to close St. Agatha, transition planning will begin under the direction of the Director of Education. Please refer to Appendix E – Transition Planning Framework of APF008 for an overview of how this could be accomplished.

How can I participate in the review?
There are many ways to participate in the review process.

  • Visit the St. Agatha School Closure Review website regularly
  • Sign up for email updates (you can do this by emailing StAgathaArc@wcdsb.ca)
  • Attend the public consultation sessions
  • Complete and submit the comment sheets provided at the public consultation sessions
  • Email comments or questions to StAgathaArc@wcdsb.ca

How are the public comments used?
All written comments are read by the ARC, Trustees and WCDSB staff. Comments are taken into consideration when evaluating accommodation options and making recommendations. Comments are also taken into consideration by the Trustees prior to making a decision. All written comments will be posted on this website, and become part of the public record.

If a parent representative on the ARC cannot attend an ARC meeting can they send a substitute?
No. The two parent reps and the Principal from each school can update each other if one is absent.

How are the enrollment projections created?
Enrollment projections are developed by the WCDSB Planning Department. The projections take into consideration new housing development, historic enrollment trends in that particular area, census data, and live birth data.

What are the walking distances for students?
JK-Grade 3 students living within 0.8km of their school are not eligible to receive transportation and therefore are considered walkers. Grade 4 – Grade 8 students living within 1.6km of their school are considered walkers.


AGA: St. Agatha School abbreviation

CLT: St. Clement School abbreviation

ROS: Holy Rosary School abbreviation

Accommodation option – The proposed reorganization of a school or schools under review which may result in program changes, grade configuration changes, boundary changes, closure of a school or schools, the repurposing of schools or any combination of the above.

Accommodation review – A process, as defined in the Board’s pupil accommodation review policy and administrative procedure APF008, undertaken by the Board to determine the future of a school or group of schools.

Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – A committee, established by the Board that represents the affected school(s) of a pupil accommodation review, which acts as the official conduit for information shared between the Board and the affected school communities.

ARC working meeting – A meeting of ARC members to discuss a pupil accommodation review.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrolment: The enrolment calculated based on the number of students attending a school, with Junior and Senior Kindergarten students that are not enrolled in the full day kindergarten program counted as 0.5 since they are in the school half of the time.

Business day – A calendar day that is not a weekend and statutory holiday. It also does not include calendar days that fall within school boards’ Christmas, spring, and summer break.

Consultation – The sharing of relevant information as well as providing the opportunity for municipalities and other community partners, the public and affected school communities to be heard.

Facility Condition Index (FCI) – A building condition as determined by the Ministry of Education by calculating the five-year renewal needs and the replacement value for each facility.

On-the-ground (OTG) capacity – The capacity of the school as determined by the Ministry of Education by loading all instructional spaces within the facility to current Ministry standards for class size requirements and room areas.

Public delegation – A meeting of the Board of Trustees where presentations by groups or individuals can have their concerns heard directly by the Board of Trustees.

Public meeting – An open meeting held by the Board to solicit broader community feedback on a pupil accommodation review.

School Information Profile (SIP) – An orientation document with point-in-time data for each of the school(s) under a pupil accommodation review to help the ARC and the community understand the context surrounding the decision to include specific school(s) in a pupil accommodation review.

Space template – A Ministry of Education template used by the Board to determine the number and type of instructional areas to be included within a new school, and the size of the required operational and circulation areas within a proposed school.

Student Yield – The percentage of all students (from all School Boards) living within in an area who attend a specific Catholic school.

Transition planning committee – Following the decision to consolidate and/or close a school, the Board will establish a separate committee to facilitate the transition of students and staff.
The transition of students and staff will be carried out in consultation with parents/guardians and staff.

Utilization/Percent Capacity: Calculated by dividing the total enrolment by the school’s OTG capacity.

Written comments may be submitted by email, mail, fax or dropped off at your school. If you wish to receive email updates throughout the review, please send us an email.

Email: StAgathaARC@wcdsb.ca

Mail: 480 Dutton Drive, Waterloo, ON, N2L 4C6

Fax: 519-884-6635

For more information, please contact:

Virina Elgawly
Senior Planner
519-578-3660 ext. 2253

Manpreet Sian
Planning Officer
519-578-3660 ext. 2359

All data, reports, submissions, parent/ratepayer comments received during the Accommodation Review process are subject to Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy legislation. All written public comments received by staff will be posted on this website. Comments that contain derogatory or otherwise inappropriate comments and personal or sensitive information (e.g. name, email address) will not be distributed. Public comments received throughout the process will become part of the public record.

Meeting Information

Public Board Meetings

Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Catholic Education Centre – 35 Weber St. W., Kitchener, ON (Board Room)


Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Location: Catholic Education Centre- 35 Weber St. W., Kitchener, ON (Board Room)


Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Catholic Education Centre – 35 Weber St. W., Kitchener, ON (Board Room)


*Delegations wishing to address a committee or the Board are required to e-mail Barb.Pilsner@wcdsb.ca by the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Each delegation will be allowed ten minutes.

Public Consultation Sessions

Parents, guardians and the general public are invited to all public consultation sessions. All written comments will be posted on this website and become part of the public record. The review process includes two public consultation sessions which will be held as follows:

Time: 4:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: St. Agatha CES, 1869 Notre Dame Drive, St. Agatha, ON (Gym)


  • Overview of ARC orientation sessions (1st ARC Working Meeting)
  • Present initial staff report
  • Present SIPs


Time: 4:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: holy rosary CES, 485 Thorndale Drive, Waterloo, ON (Gym)


  • Present preferred option(s) and implementation recommendations


ARC Working Meetings

The following meetings are working sessions of the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC). These meetings are open to the public. Parents and community members will not be allowed to actively participate in these meetings but are invited to listen and observe.

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Catholic Education Centre, 35 Weber St. W., Kitchener, ON (Board Room)


  • Discuss ARC’s mandate, roles and responsibilities, and the procedures of the ARC


Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Holy Rosary CES, 485 Thorndale Drive, Waterloo, ON (Library)


  • Review initial staff report and accommodation options


Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Holy Rosary CES, 485 Thorndale Drive, Waterloo ON (Library)


  • Consider adjustments to initial staff report options and consider additional accommodation options and related rationale


Municipal/Community Partner Stakeholder Meeting

As per the Ministry Guideline and APF008, the board will be holding a meeting with affected municipalities and interested community partners (invitations were sent June 23, 2016). This meeting was held July 13, 2016 (see agenda). Please find the Municipal/Community Partner Stakeholder Meeting minutes at this link.

June 14, 2016: Holy Rosary Parent Letter
June 14, 2016: St Agatha and St Clement Parent Letter
June 21, 2016: St Agatha Closure Review Confirmation Letter to Parents
June 21, 2016: Holy Family Boundary Change Confirmation Letter to Parents
June 23, 2016: St Agatha Broader Community Review Decision Notification
Sept 9, 2016: Accommodation Review Committee Parent Representatives being sought.

  • The Parent Representative Notice can be found at this link.
  • The Parent Representative Job Description can be found at this link.
  • The Parent Representative Application can be found at this link.

Oct 25, 2016: Public Meeting 1 Notice
Jan 11, 2017: Public Meeting 2 Notice
Feb 10, 2017: Public Notice for Public Board Meetings