St. Michael Overview

St. Michael Catholic Elementary School, established in 1952, is located in the Preston area of Cambridge. The school is situated close to Langs Community Centre, Fairview Mennonite Home, and the Kinsmen Children Centre.

Our school parish is St. Clement, and together we integrate the school, parish and home community to guide our students in faith. We have many celebrations throughout the year where our students are active participants.

We are fully aware of the many things that make our school special.  “From the fullness of his grace, we have received one blessing after another” (John 1:16 NIV). Our dedicated staff strives for excellence, as they guide our students, from JK/SK to Grade 8, to not only achieve the expectations, but to also guide them in their faith journey. Our enrolment at the time is 315 students, plus 28 staff.

Our parents/guardians make a positive difference in the lives of our students. They assist with our Strong Start program, are part of our Healthy Schools Team, help supervise field trips, assist in classrooms under the direction of teachers, help with 400-plus pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, and generously donate to our fundraisers (canned food drive for St. Vincent de Paul, Free the Children and Dance-a-thons).

Healthy and respectful relationships are promoted throughout our school. Our students are encouraged to be leaders and positive role models through their words and actions. This is evident as students lead our opening morning prayers, liturgical celebrations, drama presentations and day to day events throughout the school. Our student leadership is also evident when our Me to We students volunteer at the Food Bank, students visit the nearby retirement home and students prepare Christmas cards for all patients at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Many opportunities are provided to help promote a sense of belonging and involvement for our students: Me to We Crew, Intramurals, Choir, Craft Club, Drawing Club, Nutrition Team, PALS, Sports Teams and intramurals.

We have a “Lunch Bunch” recreational program offered through Langs where students have the opportunity to participate in a weekly craft and social club. As well, after school, many of our students participate in the Langs “After 3” Club. We are truly fortunate to have this community partnership with Langs.

Our WRPS Community Resource Officer visits our school to provide information to our students on such topics as bullying, internet safety, and making the right choices in not being a bystander.

Our Greening Initiative was a highlight when through the support of many organizations, especially  Landscape Ontario, 19 trees were planted to help transform the back of our schoolyard from a vast open field into an area filled with luscious trees, shade and sitting rocks for our students, staff and neighbourhood to utilize.

We have won several recognitions as we work to promote a healthy and safe learning environment, most notably the CIRA Award for Outstanding Intramural Achievement, and Healthy Schools Recognition from the Ministry.

St. Michael Catholic School is a dynamic place. We have so much for which to be thankful…our staff, students, parents/guardians, parish and community partnerships — and our many volunteers.

We look forward to continued academic, spiritual, and social growth, as we work together as a Catholic school community. Together, let’s CARE more than others think necessary…TRUST more than others think wise…and SERVE more than others think practical. In doing so, with God’s blessings, our most precious gifts, our children, will grow to be the best they can be.